Becoming a Law Teacher grew out of work first undertaken by the AALS Committee on Recruitment and Retention of Minority Law Teachers and Students and continued in 2018 by the Committee on Becoming a Law Teacher (Annette Clark, Seattle University School of Law; Jessica Erickson, University of Richmond School of Law, chair; Renee Jones, Boston College Law School; Michael A. Perino, St. John’s University School of Law; Carol Sanger, Columbia Law School).

Special thanks as well to the numerous faculty members who contributed to this project including, Susannah Barton Tobin, Stuart Benjamin, Paul L. Caron, Adam Chilton, Rebecca Crootof, Darby Dickerson, Claire Donohue, Jonathan D. Glater, Deborah Epstein, Adam Feibelman, Hiba Hafiz, Emily Hammond, Michael Heller, Vicki Jackson, Dmitry Karshtedt, Robert Lawless, Sarah B. Lawsky, Joseph P. Liu, Daniel Markovits, Jeanne Merino, Blake Morant, Calvin Morrill, Theodore Ruger, Miriam Seifter, Gordon Silverstein, Matthew Sipe, Kate Weisburd, Andrew Williams, Andrew Winden, and Candace Zierdt.

For their expertise in reviewing the information on tenure-track hiring, we thank the following faculty members: Dorothy Brown, Erin Collins, Brian Costello Paul Crane, Rebecca Crootof, Aman Gebru, Justin Levitt, Da Lin, Jayesh Rathod, Courtlyn Roser-Jones, Dan Schaffa, Allison Tait, Michael Waterstone, and all faculty who have given us narratives to post.

For their expertise in reviewing the information on hiring for clinical and legal research we thank the following faculty members: Wendy Bach, Claire Donohue, Aimee Dudovitz, Wendy-Adele Humphrey, Robert Kuehn, Patricia Lee, Dan Martin, Kim Mclaurin, and the Loyola Law School law librarians.

Thanks to the AALS working group, including Jeff Allum, Judith Areen, Amanda Brite, Barbra Elenbaas, James Greif, Marisa Guevara-Michalski, Katie Kempner, Sara Rice, and Sean Megan Scott, and the additional help of Erick Brown, Caden Grant, Alyssa Greenstein, Keeley Kerrins, and Alexa Maltby.