Past Webinars

How to Become a Law Professor

April 4, 2024

The How to Become a Law Professor webinar was designed to provide useful information about the faculty hiring process for law school career development professionals, current students, and graduates who may have an interest in law teaching. 

Only a small segment of law schools are able to provide dedicated career counselors for students who seek careers in legal academia. This recorded webinar provides an overview of resources that AALS offers to assist and support candidates throughout the hiring process and while they are members of the legal academy, and discussed the following topics:

  1. Concrete actions that law students can take while in law school to make them more competitive candidates when applying for law teaching jobs.
  2. Different pathways for entering legal academia. 
  3. Nuts and bolts of the hiring process including the typical hiring cycle, what to expect at different phases of the hiring process, and tips for an effective job talk. 

The panelists include recently hired law faculty, experienced hiring chairs, and deans.


Hosted by Alena Allen (Dean, LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center)

Speakers: Yvette Butler (Indiana University Bloomington Maurer School of Law), Stephen Clowney (University of Arkansas School of Law), Adam Feibleman (Tulane University Law School), Carrie Floyd (University of Michigan Law School), Matthew Kim (University of Florida Levin College of Law), Elizabeth Kronk Warner (Dean, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah), Tamara Lawson (Dean, University of Washington School of Law), Katherine Macfarlane (Syracuse University College of Law).

Watch the 2023 version of the How to Become a Law Teacher webinar here.

The On-Campus Callback Interview: Tips & Tricks

October 2019

This webinar was designed as a primer on callback interviews with law school hiring teams. After initial screening interviews, law schools invite candidates for on-campus callback interviews that may take place over one or two full days. Our group of faculty experts shared their experiences and advice about the callback interview process. 

Hosted by Sean Scott (Loyola Law School, Los Angeles)

Speakers: Sherley Cruz (University of Tennessee College of Law), Darby Dickerson (Dean, University of Illinois at Chicago), Kevin R. Johnson Dean, University of California, Davis, College of Law), Courtlyn Roser-Jones (The Ohio State University, Michael E. Moritz College of Law)

Screening Interviews: Tips & Tricks

September 2019

This webinar was designed as a primer on initial interviews with law school hiring teams, whether conducted in person, virtually, or at the AALS faculty recruitment conference. Our group of faculty experts, both subject-matter and clinical professors, shared their experiences and advice about these screening interviews.

Hosted by Sean Scott (Loyola Law School, Los Angeles)

Speakers: Claire Donohue (Boston College Law School), Doron Dorfman (Syracuse University College of Law), Shalini Ray (The University of Alabama School of Law), Marcy Strauss (Loyola Law School, Los Angeles)